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Property Condition Assessment
Risk Management

PCA Risk Management Overview

In reference to the line chart on the right (scroll down if and when using a mobile device), the degree of uncertainty or risk associated with a commercial property real estate (RE) transaction increases/decreases based upon the level of detail or due diligence provided by a Commercial Property Condition Assessment (PCA). While it's virtually impossible to assess the level of detail/due diligence of a PCA much less how much a baseline PCA performed according to document ASTM E2018-15 Standard for PCAs may be able to reduce the risk of purchasing a commercial property on a scale of 1-10, the risk factor can vary considerably given a number of uncontrollable variables such as age, authenticity and availability of information, all of which can adversely affect the level of detail/due diligence provided in conducting a baseline PCA. Once more, in reference to the chart, it is most important to understand that the level of uncertainty or risk associated with a commercial property RE transaction can never be zero or entirely eliminated regardless of the level of detail/due diligence provided by a PCA. Moreover, based upon what we have witnessed in years past, unless you have a high risk tolerance along with money to spare and throw away, foregoing a PCA prior to consummating a commercial real estate purchase or lease agreement can easily increase the likelihood of your ending up with a money pit incurring additional expenses you least anticipated to begin with.

Risk Management Line Chart for Commercial Property Condition Assessments