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Consume Less Energy, Save Money & Increase Productivity with Energy Efficient LEDs

Light Energy Audits Based Upon Cutting Edge LED Lighting Technology

If you presently own or lease a building that relies primarily upon older fluorescent tube, high intensity discharge (HID) or other energy inefficient lighting, odds are you're paying way too much for electricity and possibly double the amount you should be paying to your utility company. Moreover, not only does energy inefficient lighting consume more electricity but it can also serve to substantially increase the cost to cool a building during those long hot summer months given the amount of heat generated by your current lighting fixtures that adds to the cooling load inside the building. While the opposite may also hold true in which case the savings realized during the cooling season may be offset by money saved during the heating season, you just may want to rethink your particular situation especially if you happen to reside in a State with a tropical climate or one with a longer cooling than heating season such as California, Florida, Texas and Illinois. Yes, believe it or not, the State of Illinois just so happens to have a longer cooling than heating season. To lend further credence to this assertion, ask most any qualified, reputable mechanical HVAC contractor in the State of Illinois and they will more often than not tell you that they calculate and use the cooling load as a basis for heating and cooling equipment to be provided. Moreover, studies have shown that lighting in the work place plays a major role in employee productivity whereby older incandescent, fluorescent tube, and high intensity discharge lighting are all considered to be energy inefficient and no longer optimal for worker performance based upon present day lighting technology.

The good news is, LED lighting has come a long way in addressing the shortcomings of fluorescent, HID and other energy inefficient lighting responsible for those exorbitant electricity bills generated by your power and light company. Once more, the heat released by LEDs is negligible to help reduce your cooling load, not to mention you can normally use/retain existing T12/T8 fluorescent tube light fixtures by simply by-passing the ballasts to accommodate the installation of energy efficient LEDs.

To get an idea as to what you may be able to save by upgrading to LED energy efficient lighting for your building or place of business, 'Click Here' to access and download ComEd's Light Incentives Worksheet in PDF format (Note: You need to download and save ComEd's Light Incentive Worksheet to your computer and you must also have the Free Adobe Reader installed on your computer in order to use it. To download the Free Adobe Reader click here). To learn more about the potential cost saving benefits in updating to energy efficient LED lighting and ComEd rebates available, contact us by phone or email to schedule a personalized Light Energy Audit for your building or place of business. You'll be glad you did!

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