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Property Condition | Inspection Reports

Each one of our commercial property condition assessments includes a carefully prepared comprehensive property condition report (PCR) submitted in electronic PDF format. Likewise, our roof inspections are no different in that they also provide for a comprehensive roof inspection report submitted in electronic PDF format in addition to EagleView Technologies premium roof report with diagrams and dimensions used to prepare budget repair and replacement costs for inclusion in the report. Moreover, all PCR's and roof inspection reports provide for captioned digital photos rendered in a separate electronic PDF file. However, while PCR's and roof inspection reports are both considered to be an essential part of a PCA and roof inspection, it's important to note that a PCR and roof inspection report are only as good as the PCA and roof inspection provided. With this in mind, please take a moment to download and view one or more sample reports in PDF format using the free Adobe Reader by clicking any one of the images below (To download the latest version of Adobe Reader, Click Here).